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Shea Souffle'

Shea Souffle'

PriceFrom $5.00

Ever wonder why your lotions don't last as long as it says it should? Ever wished your product was natural & can be used in more than 1 area of your body? Don't you just want to feel calm, moisturized, & soothed from head to toe.. everyday? Look no further! Your questions are answered! 

Shea Souffle' will give you the "calm, moisturized, soothed, repairing, & long-lasting" of what your face, hair, & body needs! It really is a spa retreat in a jar! 



1. Apply to face, hair, & scalp, and body when DAMP ONLY. Use sparingly. A little goes a long way.

2. For best results, apply L'eau Natal Moisture Mist, and then follow up with Shea Souffle. 

Great for moisture management and balance of skin from head-to-toe. Enjoy! 



- Lavender 

- Olive 

- Shea 

- Tea Tree

- Coconut Oil



- .5 oz

- 2 oz 

- 4 oz 

Expected to ship end of December.
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